Our Services

Our Services

Delivered to your doorstep the best quality furniture China offers.

Furniture Sourcing

We are a company dedicated to sourcing high quality furniture from China for our customers. We have helped hundreds of people and companies find extraordinary deals on furniture. We are here to offer you a selection of highest quality products with lowest possible prices, which will give you great value for money. For any queries please contact us.

Furniture Customization

We offer a wide range of contemporary furniture to suit and compliment your interior design. Choose from classic styles with modern twist or opt for clean, minimalist design in white and grey tones with metal and wooden components. From Scandinavian design aesthetics to bold colors influenced by other cultures, you choose the style that is right for you.

Market Knowledge

With the Chinese furniture industry being one of the biggest in the world, combined with our position as experts on the market in Foshan which is the worlds leading producer of furniture, we have access to an array of products that cannot be matched by anyone other than us.

Price Negotiations

We have solid connections with top furniture producers and know what factories are making what and at what prices. This makes the factories eager to give us the best prices, conditions and MOQ. We coordinate everything from design, logistics, to shipping and delivery.

Quality Inspection

Our experienced and vigilant quality controllers ensure that you will get only best quality goods. We take customer service very seriously and aim for customer satisfaction in all our products and services. Our team of experts will specify every detail from the look of the products to its quality, durability and strength.


We will choose the best service provider and reliable shipping methods for you or you can select it by yourself. We cooperate with domestic and international shipping companies, and we ship by air, train or sea.

Wholesale Selling

The wholesale furniture markets in Foshan, China is an excellent place to save money on all the furniture and equipment you need for your business. There are five major markets here, full of furniture shops that sell everything from beds and tables to restaurant equipment. You can purchase lighting equipment and sanitary ware, as well as tile and decoration materials for any kind of project

Construction Projects

Working with us makes the building process easier and more beautiful. Our expert team and our talented designers work together to ensure a unique proposal that blends seamlessly into any setting. Having many international construction companies as our partners, we have the experience necessary to handle big orders and make sure their projects turn out amazing

Customs Clearance

Custom formalities is the part of importation process you need to pay close attention on. The only right way is to work with a reliable broker getting a clear idea of what documents you need. In most cases you will need the invoice, packing list and bill of lading-all which will be prepared by us

Free Warehousing

We offer free warehousing solutions in China for our clients before their goods get shipped to the destination. This enables our clients to have flexible handling arrangements when shipping from China. Our extensive and professional warehouse in China help our clients to reduce cost and time in logistics.

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