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Founded in 2006, Kitchen From China has become one of the largest wholesale bedroom furniture suppliers in the China. Our staff is experienced and qualified to offer expert advice and assistance in helping you select the perfect bedroom furniture to suit your needs and taste .

Trustworthy Wholesale Bedroom Furniture Supplier

We are the most affordable source for contemporary bedroom furniture online. We offer a wide selection of stylish wholesale bedroom furniture at budget-friendly prices, enabling our customers to make the best possible home renovations without breaking the bank. We are committed to providing retail customers with exceptional value coupled with superb service, while striving to maintain an inventory that is constantly evolving in terms of design and style.

We showcase everything from traditional to modern styles. Sleep well knowing that our prices are competitively low and that you are getting the finest in craftsmanship.

We offer the following products:

- Beds

- Sofa Beds

- Storage & Ottoman Beds

- Single Beds

- Mattresses

- Wardrobes

- Chest of drawers

- Bedroom Chairs

Wholesale Bedroom Furniture Supplier - Why Us?

Although there are other bedroom furniture wholesalers, the furniture we supply is superb. Here are the reasons why you should choose us above all others:

- Affordable prices

- Great Variety

- Contemporary designs

- Amazing quality

- Quality Inspection

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Our bedroom furniture is built to stand the test of time. Our attention to detail and high quality craftsmanship will ensure that our pieces are long-lasting, but don’t take our word for it. The proof is in the details, so contact us to see our selection of beds, chests, nightstands, storage beds, and more to discover why our furniture is becoming synonymous with luxury.

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