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We specialize in bespoke kitchen designs that are sourced directly from the world's top manufacturers and fulfilled by us from our warehouse in Foshan, China

We pride ourselves in bringing you the finest quality products at the guaranteed lowest prices available. Each product is carefully inspected to ensure the best quality and value while eliminating costly middlemen

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a beautiful single-wall kitchen from china

Single Wall Kitchen Layout

This simple, space-efficient layout is ideal for smaller kitchens. Typically found in apartments, or where cabinets are installed against a single wall, upper and lower cabinets can be installed over base cabinets or shelving, creating a clean, modern aesthetic.

Galley Kitchen Layout

Practicality, efficiency, and compactness are prioritized in this galley kitchen design. The arrangement of cabinets creates a "passage" for movement between rows. By getting rid of the corners in your kitchen cupboards there is no longer any need for corner units which take up valuable floor space.

a superb galley kitchen design from china
an l-shaped kitchen from china

L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

The L-shaped kitchen layout is a wonderful design for small to medium spaces. This kitchen layout creates a corner that overlooks your living areas which can be used to create a wonderful dining area or breakfast nook.

U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

U-shaped kitchens are the most popular for larger houses, and consist of cabinetry around three adjacent walls. The U-shaped kitchen is a great choice if you want to maximize counter space and have plenty of storage.

a modern u-shaped kitchen from china

Kitchen Island Layout

The Kitchen Island layout will become a hub for your family. This multi-functional centrepiece will become a focal point for social gatherings when placed in the heart of the home - a busy family kitchen, combining cooking, dining and socializing into one large space. The appeal of an island in the middle of the kitchen extends beyond its functionality.

a beautiful interior of a modern house in China

“We chose Kitchen From China for all of our cabinet needs for the apartment building we are developing. We couldn’t be happier with the products we received, as they are very solid and made well. The customer service was outstanding and I recommend them to anyone looking to order high quality cabinets. I look forward to doing business with them again."

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