3 Cool & Contemporary Design Concepts to Modernize Your Living Room

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So, you have decided your living room needs an uplift. It’s been a while and it’s starting to feel a bit shabby! You’ve looked around and realized that China is the place to get your furniture and accessories due to its amazing amount of choice, interesting designs, high-quality and low-cost benefits, and you’ve found a great sourcing agent.

Next, it’s the fun bit! Designing your living room so that it is not only contemporary and wows your guests with its original design but is also cozy and comfy for you and yours to snuggle up in after a hard day’s work. Maybe you live in a stylish loft apartment solo and want a cool and calm atmosphere or a pad to party in, or perhaps you have a big family home with kids playing and friends in and out all the time. You may be a couple in your first home and want to design your living room together to be just the right fit for your personalities and lifestyles.

There are many things to consider and may exciting options. We are going to walk you through three key points to consider, and some captivating design ideas to include in your design plan so that by the end of reading this article, you’ll be well on your way to ordering your furniture and accessories from one of the renowned Chinese furniture markets.

Design Concept 1 - Color

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So, where to start? Color of course! Choosing a color scheme is a great place to begin your design process. For a contemporary living room, you may want to keep your colors fairly minimal with a touch of more vibrant colors and patterns to contrast.

Perhaps you will choose to have one wall a more vivid color or even wallpapered with a modern pattern. When it comes to soft furnishings such as sofas and armchairs, they should either complement or contrast with the colors of the walls, but ideally also be fairly minimal in their colors to achieve that contemporary look. Keeping the larger items minimal then gives you free reign to add your style with colorful or patterned cushions and curtains, throws and rugs, vases, and pictures. Or if you want to keep those minimal in tone too, great, you will achieve a stylish and peaceful effect.

Design Concept 2 - Lighting

I am a great believer in lighting being the most crucial component in interior design. Changing your lighting transforms the atmosphere and the appearance of everything else in the room so it’s got to be up there with the key concepts to consider. You will need to bear in mind lighting for both day and night, especially if your home does not have much natural light.

Next, I would suggest brainstorming the different activities you do in your living room. Is it mainly a snug, or do you work and read in there, entertain, or play with the kids? You may want gentle, ambient tones for relaxing and/or brighter and cooler lighting for other activities. There is nothing stopping you getting both as you can include a variety of lighting options. If you think about the different kind of lighting accessories available, there are spotlights, bulb ceiling lights with shades, stand up lamps, table lamps, desk lamps…the list goes on.

There is also a great amount of choice in the type of bulbs you go for, including vintage style bulbs with visible filaments and a gentle, ambient glow, which have become very fashionable, or at the other end of the scale, super bright spotlights with a cool finish so that they brilliantly illuminate your room without feeling blinding. Either coordinate or mix and match, the choice is yours!

Design Concept 3 - Zoning

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Zoning is the trendy term for how you arrange your living room, or other spaces in your home, so that you can get the very best out of the space you are working with. This is where you need to think about how and what you use your living room for. By carefully planning the arrangement of your living room, you can create zones or areas for different purposes.

They don’t have to be completely separated but can flow into one another if you prefer. For example, you might position an L-shaped sofa so that one area is used for watching TV, playing games, and hanging out with friends and family, and on the other side of the sofa there is a zone with bookshelves and a desk for work, study or reading. You can even use dividers and screens to make the zones more separate or stick with contemporary rugs and positioning of furniture to do this for you. Either way, zoning helps you to create the ultimate contemporary living space for modern life.

Now it’s up to you! Use our three helpful concepts to start designing your living room space. See what furniture and accessories are out there in the Chinese furniture market, as it is guaranteed to have pretty much anything you are looking for and create your perfect living room. Contact us today and get the best deals on your furniture!

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