4 Benefits of Buying Furniture from China

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Whether setting up your new workplace or home, you will need new furniture. You may also need new furniture when you want to restyle your living or workplace. During these times, the question you probably ask yourself is where to get affordable but quality furniture. If you were wondering about this, worry no more because we have the answer for you.

China is a great place to get furniture. Furniture from China is relatively affordable because the furniture is sold at wholesale prices, which are significantly cheaper than retail prices. Below are more reasons why China should be your go-to place for furniture.

1. Unique Furniture

Despite being known worldwide for producing substandard products, China tops the list of global producers when it comes to furniture. A recent survey revealed that China is home to over 50,000 furniture producers. Evidently, there is a high demand for Chinese furniture.

The furniture from China can be unique. China is known for producing furniture pieces, including great kitchen pieces.

Chinese craftsmen can create furniture in a way that all the parts of the table can connect without using screws, nails, and glue. This type of furniture has no sign of connection, and you can easily assume that the whole furniture was made using a single piece of wood.

2. Competitive Price

Besides having numerous factories for making furniture, Foshan is also home to raw materials used in making furniture. These are the same raw materials used in making Chinese kitchen designs.

Since the raw materials are also sourced from the same area, the cost of transporting raw materials is eliminated, thereby leading to a significant reduction in prices of furniture.

Secondly, most furniture-making companies in China are located close to harbors, making it easy for the buyers to transport the furniture. For instance, Lecong is located close to three harbors. These are; Shenzhen Port, Guangzhou Port, and Port of Victoria, HK.

These two significant factors are what contribute to the competitive prices of furniture in China.

3. Personalized Service

In addition to the advantage of the competitive prices of Foshan furniture, buyers also get personalized customer service when they buy their furniture here. Here, you benefit from choosing the design, shape, size, and color of the materials manufacturers will use in making your furniture. Chinese furniture manufacturers can make all these features specifically to your liking. The staff here even offers you suggestions for items that fall under your preference.

Thus, besides choosing a perfectly made piece of furniture from the ones available, you can have your customized piece of furniture made from scratch. For instance, you can have your kitchen furniture designed to resemble the kitchen from China. This customized service saves you time and energy you may end up spending searching for your ideal piece of furniture elsewhere.

4. Easy Transport of Furniture

Furniture manufacturers in China are strategically located in the country, making export of ready-made furniture easier. In addition, most of the manufacturers are located near Hong Kong, a well-known economic gateway connecting the ports to mainland China.

Hong Kong has a deep-water seaport, and this is where trading of manufactured products like furniture takes place. This is one of the busiest seaports in the entire world.

With more than 50,000 furniture manufacturers in China, it is no wonder China continues to be one of the leading countries worldwide when it comes to manufacturing. Most of the furniture available for sale at most high-end furniture shops is manufactured in China.

Thus, by buying your furniture straight from China, you end up saving yourself a lot of coins while getting customized service and tasty, unique furniture made by experts.

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