How to buy Kitchen Cabinets from China? A complete guide 2021

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A Chinese kitchen cabinet can be a great investment for your home. However, while there are many suppliers of kitchen cabinets in China, finding a company that can provide high quality and functional kitchen cabinets at reasonable prices is not easy.

A homeowner who wants to remodel their kitchens can actually make a big saving by sourcing their kitchen cabinets from China. China has the distinction of producing some of the best cabinets on the market and at prices substantially lower than those found in local shops and global retail outlets.

Kitchen cabinets are very important not only for their practical use, but also for how they can complete the look of your kitchen. Manufacturers today create a wide range of cabinet styles that fit into all types of home décor. These designs vary from classic to contemporary and span an array of price points.

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Why do people buy and import Chinese kitchen cabinets?

China’s rising share of the kitchen cabinet industry is attributed to its immense manufacturing capabilities and cost-efficient production processes. Long before ascending as a dominant kitchen cabinet supplier, it had established a sustainable presence in the international market.

China’s kitchen cabinet industry features the most sophisticated technological application based on mass production and cost-effective labor.

The China kitchen cabinet industry boasts the highest quality standard. Its production process has been revamped for improved precision and craftsmanship, making it competitively priced globally. To satisfy the demands of consumers for superior quality, China has invested heavily in highly-skilled workers and sleek production processes to ensure topnotch furniture with unique designs.

As the world's leading furniture producer and exporters, China has been actively expanding its international trade business. In order to meet customers' demands, Chinese furniture manufacturers continuously upgrade their manufacturing techniques to keep up with the latest trends in the furniture industry. Buyers from around the world are easily accessible as well as many other furniture buyers who have shown great interest in having a diversified supply base for product development and price competitiveness.

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Diversified Designs and Custom Orders

The furniture markets offer a wide variety of designs that allow customers to mix and match according to their taste, style, and choice. These markets also specialize in custom orders for corporate or private clients. Modern kitchen cabinets are rapidly becoming one of the hottest trends in home decorating.

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Chinese kitchen cabinets are finely crafted with both artistry and technology in mind. They are true works of art that are stunning to the eye, but which must also provide years of service. Manufactured by the most experienced manufacturers, Chinese cabinets are made to last. The latest models, meanwhile, come with incredible features that make them more versatile than ever.

Rustic elements and simplistic designs imbricate with modern accents to create a fusion of the east and the west. The rustic tones add depth and character, while the modern elements add sophistication and intrigue.


China is a world leader in the integration of advanced technology into its products. In the past few years, China has been able to compete globally with high-quality products that are made with buyers’ specifications in mind.

Developed transportation systems

As China’s manufacturing hubs, mainland cities are modern economic powerhouses. Their efficient and comprehensive transportation systems connect to the rest of the country in a matter of hours. They are open for all types of business deals.

The economic development in major Chinese cities has spawned a network of major manufacturing hubs with modern, efficient transportation systems. Anyone who engages in business in China will find that all modes of transport and financial tools are available in these western-standard cities in order to facilitate the flow of goods and services in the world’s rapid development.

How do you get the best kitchen cabinets from China?

If you are a customer that wants to furnish their house, or a wholesaler, you will encounter a lot of buying opportunities with the use of a sourcing agent. They can help you find manufacturers with reasonable price, amazing designs and high quality. A sourcing agent will also help you find the best deals based on your requirements.

You’ll see a lot of Chinese cabinet suppliers online, and they all claim to be able to deliver a top quality product. They can, however, often deliver a lower grade product that won’t last as long as possible. In general, the cheaper the price, the cheaper the cabinets.

Our Chinese kitchen cabinets suppliers supply with the finest quality kitchen cabinets. Our efforts and attention paid to even the smallest details is what we strive for, and we fervently believe in sourcing and producing products that exceed expectations.

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Sourcing Agents

In order to find a manufacturer or supplier you have to investigate lots of aspects, from their location, manufacturing capabilities, their product range, the quality of their products to the quality of their service.

Due to the distance and language barriers and lack of experience, we’ve found that most customers prefer to work with a sourcing agent that can take care of the whole process.

Connecting buyers with quality factories that can provide excellent service and products has always been our goal at Kitchen From China. Our sourcing service makes communication easier and makes your import process smooth and successful.

We believe that quality control is a critical part of the overseas ordering process, especially when dealing with large volume orders. The quality inspector is responsible for monitoring the reliability of supplier's performance through inspection and verification of the items manufactured by the suppliers. They are responsible to follow up on all incoming, in process and outgoing product data/quality issues to insure that the final products supplied to you meet your specifications. They also monitor workmanship by conducting special tests, material content testing, and visual inspections.

Furniture Malls and Trade Shows

Foshan is the center of furniture production in China. Even if you visit the excellent furniture malls in Foshan or the trade shows in China, you will need a sourcing agent to help you in communicating with the suppliers. The expertise of an expert furniture sourcing coordinator is incomparable compared to someone who merely translates for you. When hiring a proper sourcing agency you will avoid problems that might arise when receiving your order -  misuse of materials or components, different sizes or potential damages.

Furthermore, take in consideration the budget for your whole trip to China, Visas, tickets, hotels and restaurants which can sum up to considerable amounts of money.


Over the last years, there were many customers that ordered cabinets from suppliers on Alibaba that got ripped off.  Scammed people are the ones that do the least amount of homework when they are looking for an extremely “good” deal. Many suppliers in China are always looking for ways to make money, and they will find the right candidate by offering you a ridiculous price or convincing you with their sales pitch. is Asia's largest B2B trading platform, principally serving wholesale buyers. Thus, if you are looking to buy 1 item, you are very likely to be rejected.

What are the most common used materials when producing quality kitchen cabinets from China?

To choose the best kitchen cabinets, you actually need to bring out all your considerations. Among these considerations is the material to be used. Remember that you are spending your money on a cabinet that will serve the purpose of storing the items in your kitchen, so put into mind that you don't just want any kind of cabinet, but one that is worth their price and at the same time has something special and unique for them to showcase and enhance your kitchen's beauty.

Some cheap kitchen cabinets are cheap because they are made from low-cost materials. In other words, these cheap kitchen cabinets have poor durability and will not last for a long time.

Solid wood

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Solid wood kitchen cabinets are easy to identify because they are made entirely of natural wood. Unlike particle board or MDF, there are no layers or materials built up together in solid wood. The grain is visible in the cabinet itself, which is what gives it its durability, power, and charm. Solid wood kitchen cabinets are highly recognizable because their quality extends beyond the first glance. Their advantage derives from natural material that is exquisitely combined into a richer, more luxurious aesthetic.

There are many varieties of wood, and each one has its own unique traits. The different kinds of wood will also affect the cost of the cabinets, and can affect their durability and appearance.


If you are on a tight budget, particleboard is an acceptable option. It makes for easy installation at a lower cost to you. It’s not as sturdy as medium-density fiberboard, so it doesn’t hold up to moisture as well. Particleboard is a versatile and economical material that’s used to make kitchen cabinets. Particleboard consists of wood particles held together with an adhesive.


Plywood is a high-strength wood product that is most commonly used in structural applications. It is made of three or more layers of wooden veneer that are glued together. This is a very commonly used material by the Chinese kitchen cabinets manufacturers.

American kitchen cabinets manufacturers typically use particleboard while the Chinese kitchen cabinets producers use plywood. Plywood is better than particle board not only in quality but also in durability.

Medium-density fiberboard

Medium-density fiberboard, also called MDF , has clean edges and a smooth surface. It is an inexpensive and flexible alternative to solid wood, offering many of the same design possibilities as plywoods. Available in a wide selection of thicknesses and sizes , MDF sheets can be used to make cabinets for kitchen or bathroom vanities, desks and media center furniture, bookshelves and entertainment centers.


Aluminum kitchen cabinets are made of sturdy, corrosion-resistant sheets that are fabricated into cabinet door components. If properly cared for, custom aluminum kitchen cabinets can last for decades without requiring replacement.

Stainless Steel

Purchasing a kitchen with stainless steel cabinets is a popular choice for contemporary kitchens. Sleek and shiny stainless steel covers the entire kitchen cabinet. It provides a very modern or gives the kitchen an industrial touch. Stainless steel is a popular option for high-end kitchen cabinets. If you can integrate stainless steel into a bold design it will certainly make a statement.

When stainless steel cabinetry is properly cared for it will maintain its luster and luminous beauty for years, adding value to your home.


Veneer composite doors is a good option for those on a tight budget. A veneer and composite door will certainly try to mimic the look and feel of a real wood door but at a fraction of the cost. However, don’t expect it to look as expensive and high-quality as solid wood. In a process called veneering, a thin layer of wood is shaved off the log. Glue is used to affix it to the composite door for a finish that’s smooth and strong.

What’s the ordering process when buying kitchen cabinets from China?


The floor plan is probably the most important step in the kitchen remodeling process. It allows you to see exactly what goes where so you can visualize how things are going to work. A properly designed floor plan can save you money by helping you avoid expensive surprises during the building process, aid the contractor or designer in designing your kitchen with greater attention to detail, even aid you in selecting your cabinets.


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As the focal point of your home, your kitchen is the place where friends and family gather to bond over meals, homework, and everything in between. When you create a space to handle every activity with ease, you open up time for much-needed moments of connection.

When it comes to your kitchen, you can’t afford to compromise on quality. Bad cabinets are the source of many design flaws in kitchens. They can make cooking more difficult and cleaning much harder. But when you invest in the right cabinets, you’ll find they not only solve practical problems in your kitchen, they also add a stylish element to your home.

Cabinets are a common storage solution, and it’s easy to overlook the importance of their customization. Intelligently designed cabinets will have multiple uses, saving you time and energy in the long run. A fully designed kitchen is customized to fit the exact layout and dimensions of your space, giving you an integrated look that enhances style. These custom solutions not only offers extra storage space but also ensures that every inch of storage space is put to good use.

Materials and Components

In order to maintain compliance, you need a comprehensive understanding of the product details and production documentation. The more information your suppliers have, the better equipped they are to complete their task. You want to be very specific about your cabinet needs, so you can get exactly what you're looking for: the size and color of drawers, doors and shelves. These details should be specified in drawings and illustrations, complete with precise measurements.

3D Design

Once you’ve decided on the layout, functionality, sizes of cabinets and materials, the manufacturers will work on the design concept, and provide you with detailed drawings that reflect what you’ve imagined in a 3D format.

Production Time

As soon as your design files and order information are approved, your order is placed directly to the factory in China. After placing your order, we'll work with you to ensure all details are perfect before sending your confirmation directly to the factory for manufacturing. The usual manufacturing time takes between 30 days to 60 days depending on the complexity of the kitchen cabinets.


We guarantee the best quality at competitive prices by monitoring each stage of the manufacturing process. At our headquarters in Foshan, we conduct stringent quality control on production lines to ensure that all products are up to international standards. Customer satisfaction is the key to our success and it is why we strive to provide cutting edge products.


We make sure you get the very best shipping service at the lowest price guaranteed. We’ve worked with the world’s largest carrier services to make sure you get your packages faster, cheaper, and better than anyone else.

Problems you might face when importing kitchen cabinets from China

Based on our years of experience in kitchen cabinet sourcing, we have listed out the top common problems buyers face when ordering cabinets from China, along with ways to avoid them.

Shipping time

Due to national holidays at the end of each year, especially Chinese New Year, many manufacturers and shipping companies close until the first week of March. Requesting in advance any customization to avoid delays might also help negotiate for compensation if the delivery time is not met.

Quality issues

There are literally thousand of kitchen cabinet producers in China. Most of them will produce low-quality kitchen cabinets. Because of the huge number of kitchen cabinet manufacturers in China, it can be hard to find high quality service providers. Here are our three tips to avoid poor quality service: working with trusted companies, spending money on inspection, and asking an expert to handle the whole process.

Non-complying suppliers

Most of the Chinese factories today use conventional techniques and materials for cabinet production. Some still prefer to use lead and sulfur chemicals in order to make their cabinet stays stable and durable, though these chemicals are banned by the EPA in most countries. Some Chinese manufacturers cut corners by using low-quality manufacturing methods. That’s why is very important to only order from high-quality, reputable manufacturers.


If you want to import kitchen cabinets from China, you’re going to have a lot of questions. Who can you trust? How much will it cost? Do I really need QC? This article answers those questions and more as we walked you through the entire process from start to finish so that you can find your perfect supplier and import kitchen cabinets from China with confidence.

Working closely with our partners, we have ensured that each supplier has the capacity to produce the highest quality furniture and kitchen cabinets. We collaborate with trusted, top-rated manufacturers to build our products with the highest-quality materials. We only work with the best manufacturers that bring great craftsmanship into everything they make.

We use an extensive network of manufacturers to ensure that we can give you the lowest possible prices and still maintain the highest standards. We also enforce strict quality control procedures to ensure that all our products are built to last. With years of experience and a reputation for excellence, we’ll help turn your home into a beautiful and comfortable place to live.

Give us your project details and we will gladly quote you as soon as possible.

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