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Advantages of Buying Kitchen Cabinets from China

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When it comes to furniture and especially kitchens, China is by far the biggest manufacturer and sells the most products worldwide. Top USA chains are outsourcing to China, as well as those in Europe. As a consequence, the range is enormous, the prices are much better value than in western markets, they are commonly easy to assemble, they are durable and long-lasting, and the quality is high.

So why not buy your own kitchen cabinets directly from a Chinese manufacturer and benefit from all the above advantages. A reliable sourcing agent will help you with the process, and by going direct instead of ordering a kitchen straight of a website without really knowing much about the supplier or the reliability of the product, you are guaranteed to get your ideal kitchen.

The idea of ordering a kitchen, or elements such as the cabinets from another country (or just anyway!) may seem daunting to some, and that’s where the sourcing agents come in. They can be the middleman between you and the supplier so that you are kept informed all the way along the process and you know that you will get exactly what you specify. You can be involved in the design process if you wish and order bespoke items or choose a kitchen that is ready to go.

Why Our Kitchens Are So Important to Us

A new kitchen is a big deal! We have often saved up for a while before renovating our kitchen, and we don’t want to get it wrong as there aren’t going to be any do-overs. Our kitchens are often the heart and hubs of our homes. We don’t just cook in them, we often eat, socialize, and entertain in them too. We spend a lot of time in our kitchens, whether we like it or not, so having a kitchen that really works for us can make that time so much more enjoyable, efficient, and comfortable. There are many elements to creating the kitchen that works ideally for you, such as flooring, tables, islands, accessories, and lighting. In today’s article, we are going to focus on undeniably the core element to any kitchen – the cabinets.

Ideas for Kitchen Cabinets from China


The main types of kitchen cabinet designs are as follows:

  • Open plan
  • L-shaped
  • Gallery
  • U-shaped
  • Kitchen Island
  • Peninsula Kitchen

When choosing the right shape for your cabinets, you will need to consider the size of your kitchen, the shape of your kitchen, how you use your kitchen and, of course, the style that you prefer. You will want to make the most of the space that you have and think carefully about your needs and requirements. For example, if you have a fairly small space but with high ceilings, use the wall space so that you have higher cabinets. A larger space for a family might include an island, be part of an open plan kitchen-diner, and have a higher number of cabinets for storage.


When choosing the style of kitchen cabinets from China that you might want to go with, there are so many options. Do you prefer a contemporary style with sleek, white and wither shiny or matte finishes and handleless technology, or more classic, traditional style wooden cabinets with antique style handles and curved shapes? Then there are options of free-standing cabinets, as well as open shelving, and draws to integrate into your kitchen if you wish.


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Materials are key and this comes down very much to personal choice and your budget. Many like solid wood cabinets, made from raw materials in China such as oak or walnut. The Chinese market caters really well for good solid wood furniture in general and kitchen cabinets are no exception. On the other hand, some cabinets are made of plywood, which is essentially multiple layers of wood veneer and others from other compounds such as Melamine, which are both great options too.

The Best Areas of China to Source Kitchen Cabinets

In China, the furniture industry is based in specific districts, with different areas often specializing in one or more types of furniture. The following is a list of the places where it is best to source kitchen cabinets, but a sourcing agent can help you with finding a reliable manufacturer/supplier and distributer in these regions.

  • Guangdong
  • Fujian
  • Zhejiang
  • Jiangsu
  • Shandong
  • Shanghai

A great way to get started is to use the headings from this post and create your own mind map and brainstorm the various elements of your desires and requirements when it comes to choosing which fantastic kitchen cabinets you would like to buy from the Chinese market. Once you have been through all of the variables, put a simple plan together and then feel free to contact us to move forward. Good luck with your kitchen planning!

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