The Modular Kitchen: Contemporary, Creative & Customized

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The kitchen is by far the place we spend the most time in our homes. Whether the heart of the family home, the home cook’s getaway, or the room at a party where everyone always gathers, we all want a great kitchen! Be it in a big family home or a cozy loft apartment, our kitchen is our oasis. The old ways of buying a fitted kitchen all-in-one are dying out, being replaced by the contemporary concept of the modular kitchen. Once just for those with luxurious aspirations and budgets, this contemporary take on kitchen design is becoming so much more accessible to all. The different sections of your new kitchen are made in the factory using the latest technology in Chinese kitchens, and then custom-designed to suit your requirements and wishes.

Have you ever spent countless hours looking through kitchens for your refurb only to find that you can’t find one which is just right for you? Maybe some elements of the kitchen are for you, but others are not to your taste or don’t work in your space.  Or perhaps the price isn’t right. That’s where the beauty of the modular kitchen comes in, allowing you to customize your kitchen from China down to each unit and appliance so that it is perfect for your functionality, space, and style.

Unlike with traditional fitted kitchens, Chinese modular kitchens allow you to choose each element of the kitchen separately and then create a design with the help of experienced designers who work with you. With a bespoke, modular kitchen, everything is in your hands, but with the support you need to get it just right.

Kitchen Components

Let’s think about some of the key elements of a Chinese kitchen: We have the appliances – fridge, freezer, dishwasher, cooker, air-conditioning units, ventilators, etc. Then there are the cabinets, work-tops, sinks etc. In addition, the table and chairs, flooring, islands…There are so many components to a kitchen that it is unlikely that a ready-to order kitchen will truly meet your requirements. Modular means more choice.

Space, organization & functionality

The top complaints we will hear and recognize ourselves regarding utilizing our kitchens is that either there is not enough space or that the space is not well organized enough to utilize it efficiently. We may like to cook with our partner or bake with our kids but with more than one person in the room, chaos ensues. The more organized, efficient, and ergonomic, the more pleasurable the kitchen experience, even the washing up! Less family arguments, more tranquility, faster preparation more enjoyable cooking. What’s not to like?

Modular kitchens from China are designed around lifestyle…your lifestyle, so by thinking about how many people use your kitchen, how many at once, if you have children, how often you prepare meals and shop, and if you use your kitchen for other activities, you can begin to put together a plan of what you need and what would be a hinderance to your daily activities.

You have the opportunity to make the layout of the kitchen work with your space; for example, L-shaped, U-shaped, parallel, or surrounding an island. If your kitchen is small, as can be the case with Chinese kitchens in the city, you can consider draws, freestanding cabinets or wall-hung cupboards and units for great storage space saving solutions.

Color, materials, style & finish

Why is it that you see a kitchen online or in a store, or even at a friend’s house, and then when you buy something similar, you are disappointed? It just doesn’t look as good as you expected. Well, the kitchens put together in these scenarios will almost always certainly be bespoke. To achieve a kitchen that really works in terms of aesthetics, and really works for you, it is essential that your favored colors, materials, and finishes are used, and crucially that the various elements of the kitchen are coordinated so that they enhance each other rather than clashing. Every aspect must flow and work together. This is a major advantage of opting for a Chinese modular kitchen, that very word: design. You are the instigator of the design process and involved at every step of the way.


Our lives are changing all the time. Maybe the size of our family increases when we have more children or decreases when they fly the nest. Perhaps there is a change in your daily routine, or additionally you may want to make changes to your kitchen in the future. Most of us love the idea of updating our kitchens, but the cost of an entirely new kitchen, as well as the hassle of not having a kitchen for the time it is being fitted can make this difficult. With a modular kitchen from China, this is no longer a problem. As the elements are separate pieces, albeit seamlessly brought together in their composition, changes can be made along the years without a complete overhaul. No need to live of takeaways or eat in the living room while a whole new kitchen is being fitted. Just switch up the elements you want to change, easy!

How does it work?

As the consumer, you would spend time planning the functional needs of your kitchen. You would then need to think about appliances, color schemes, styles, materials and types of furniture. All the usual stuff! But the next step is where the process differs. With these early-stage ideas, professional designers will step in and help you to make your dream Chinese kitchen a reality. Throughout the design process, you will be consulted, and changes can be made a long the way, so you are not overly committed to buying something for your kitchen, or in fact an entire kitchen that you do not like! Materials, colors, items of furniture, and even budgets can be modified as you go.

So, why not take a break from the norm and go with the latest trend of modular kitchens next time you are ready for a kitchen transformation?

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