Thinking of Importing Wholesale Furniture from China: All Your Questions Answered

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Who Imports Furniture From China?

Are you an office manager? Perhaps you own a hotel, or a café or bar, or maybe you are a furniture seller yourself? Have you considered buying your products from the Chinese market? It is currently the global leader for online furniture sales and on the rise as I write.

The two main groups of people who buy wholesale furniture are those who own furniture shops and resell furniture, and those involved in businesses who need large quantities of furniture to furnish their premises. This is often in the hospitality sector, but also apartment blocks, offices and any other spaces that need furnishing on a large scale.

Sourcing wholesale furniture from China is becoming an increasingly popular option. In this post, we will guide you through the why’s, how’s, where’s and everything else you need to know to decide whether sourcing wholesale furniture from China is for you, and if so, how to go about it in the best way.

Why Import Wholesale Furniture From China?

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  • Choice

The furniture market in China is huge. There are districts all over China specializing in furniture, often each with a focus on a particular type or purpose. These districts have factories, showrooms, and great distribution links. Due to the scale and longevity of the manufacturing sector, there are large ranges of all sorts of styles, whether functional, modern, classical, or themed. If you are looking to furnish a hotel, for example, you would want various styles – for the bedrooms, the reception, the foyer, the bar etc.

You can find a large array of options, often already set up in showrooms as it would appear in a hotel. The same goes for cafés, bars, offices, and apartments. You can see exactly how the furniture would look in-situ and, have options to mix and match designs and products according to the requirements for the different elements of your space.

  • Cost

You will find that your costs are significantly lower when importing from China, especially when we are talking about wholesale quantities. Not only is the furniture better value when buying in small quantities, when you are buying wholesale, it comes down even further, especially as you will likely be meeting the MOQ, and your shipping costs will also be much lower if you are filling whole containers.

  • Quality

As long as you ensure that quality inspections are carried out, and that you have made sure you are buying from a reliable supplier (a sourcing agent can help you with this), you can find excellent quality wholesale furniture. The myth of Chinese products being low quality has long been proven wrong and today, China offers some of the best quality options of furniture in the world.

  • Custom-made options

Some companies will be interested in buying products according to their specific design specifications. Bespoke furniture is renowned for being costly - only available for those with a very high budget - and taking a long time to complete. However, in the Chinese furniture market, it is very common to work with the manufacturers on the design process, so that you can include your own unique specifications before your products are designed and produced.  As you are working directly with the manufacturer (possibly with the help of a sourcing agent), you cut out further costs, making buying wholesale bespoke products for your business, products that are exactly as you desire and envisage for your establishment, a feasible reality.

How To Import Wholesale Furniture From China?

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There are a number of ways to buy wholesale furniture from China. Of course, there are large online suppliers such as Alibaba and Made-in-China. However, to get the really good deals and quality products, it is always better to work with a sourcing agent to ensure that you receive top-quality, audited products that meet your needs in terms of cost, design, quality, and timescale, especially when buying in bulk. Your business needs the very best and it is not worth cutting any corners.

Where To Buy Wholesale Furniture From China?

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It is important to source your furniture from one of the districts specializing in wholesale products so that you make the most of the 1000s of factories and showrooms and the local know-how of the companies when it comes to designing, producing, and distributing wholesale furniture.

The Foshan district is definitely number one on the list. Known as furniture city, it has 5km of furniture markets over 20 streets, so certainly plenty of choice. Showrooms, often located alongside factories, have entire hotel rooms set up, for example, in a multitude of styles. If you find a design you like, you can order items for complete rooms, including beds, sofas, armchairs, tables, lamps…everything! If you prefer to mix and match, there are so many options to choose from that you are guaranteed to find the products you want here. The same goes for furniture items for bars, café, and restaurants. There are also options to work with the designers and manufacturers to custom design your furniture according to your design requirements.

Other options are the Shenzhen House Kingdom Furniture which offers high quality furniture for hotels such as sofas and chairs, and the Guangzhou and Zhongshan markets where you can find equipment to accompany your furniture such as lighting and sound set ups, and all you would need for kitchens in bars, restaurants, and hotels.

So there you have it. Your questions to importing wholesale from furniture answered. For more information about buying furniture from the booming Chinese furniture markets, contact us today and get the best furniture deals from China.

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