Top 10 Interior Design Trends 2022

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2021 has caused us to rethink our lifestyles. We've found ourselves spending more time at home, and we've had the opportunity to realize how important it is to have a comfortable and pleasant home. If there’s one thing we can all settle on, it’s the necessity of comfort. The different confinements of the year gone by have shown us just how enjoyable life could be when our living space is as welcoming as possible.

This year, our design experts have curated the top 2022 home decor and interior design trends to keep an eye on. With this information, you should be able to create a home that's on trend, yet will hold its own for many years to come.

Over the last few decades, design has been constantly evolving as a way to push boundaries, break rules, and challenge existing norms. In the past few years, however, designers have begun to create individual statements that aren’t just about their work – but about themselves and the people who will occupy their design pieces. For this reason we thought we’d take a quick look at what we think will be the top interior and home decor trends in 2022.

As interior design continues to embrace a natural and sustainable style, the aesthetics of clean and eco-friendly spaces are taking a front seat.

The trend of minimalism is still going strong, with hints of the 70’s providing the most inspiration for design this year. With so many new interior trends being invented, you can choose to embrace one of these popular styles or mix & match them together to create your own unique look.

The trend of eco- design and sustainability is increasingly becoming popular among home owners. In 2022, interior design trends focus on natural-element styled interiors and sustainability.

Main Interior Design Trends 2022

1. Retro Inspiration

retro living room design

Retro-inspired design is continuing to rise in popularity. It consists of taking old styles and giving them a new look, reinventing popular pieces with an edge of nostalgic warmth.

Using warm tones and retro-inspired patterns and silhouettes, these rooms allow for a sense of warmth and coziness that feels soft and welcoming.

The idea of mixing the past with the present is not new, but it’s certainly getting more attention these days. Today, instead of downplaying your favorite retro pieces, why not embrace them? Using warm tones and retro-inspired patterns and silhouettes, these rooms allow for a sense of warmth and coziness that feels soft and welcoming.
The retro design trend is a fun way to add history and personality to a space. A vintage piece adds character while maintaining a cohesive look. Here are 5 tips on where to find vintage furniture:

  • Spend time in antique stores and at fairs and markets to learn what is priced well and what you like. Visit fairs, antique stores, and thrift shops regularly. These are great locations to find pre-owned items at a decent price.
  • If you’re shopping on a budget, opt for a lesser-known brand. Their products are generally less expensive. Research the style or item you want to make an informed decision. Search around to see if there are brands you haven’t heard of. They tend to be less expensive and allow for flexibility in buying.
  • For best results, combine estate sales and  antique auctions
  • The best way to find quality vintage furniture is online. E-commerce shops connect sellers and buyers from around the world, and give you access to a wider inventory. Quality sellers post photos and descriptions of all items in great detail, so you always know what you’re getting.
  • Seek out manufacturers that produce furniture inspired by vintage designs. Some offer stunning collections of trendy furniture inspired by the relics of the past that are sure to spice up any home or office.

2. Nature Effect

beautiful bathroom

Bring nature into your home by decorating with fresh and living plants. Green makes the perfect color palette for the home. Whether you’re looking to forge a lush environment or just want to add a splash of freshness, embrace green in your design next year. A home filled with plants looks fresh and inviting. Plus, plants recreate a clean, healthy atmosphere that promotes creativity and positivity. Natural elements help create a calming atmosphere.

Research shows that environments with indoor plants are perceived as healthier, more attractive, and less stressful than those without.  Combine natural elements like plants, wooden furniture and marble to your home to create a relaxed and cozy environment.

3. Marble Surfaces

modern bathroom with marble

The timeless appeal of marble is a popular choice due to its classic nature that sits comfortably in both the modern and traditional décor. It offers a perfect choice for kitchen settings as well as dining and living areas. It offers a beautiful backdrop for displays and works beautifully with the lights shining through.

Marble has always been a luxury material, usually reserved for kitchen counters and dining tables. However, it is making an entrance into other areas in the home. Marble can be used in kitchens or bathrooms but it can also be used in living areas to add texture and style.

4. Multi-Functional Spaces

multi-functional space

Lockdowns have been a dark reality across the globe, and homes have been adapted to provide a more appropriate environment for work. With a little help from a few innovative products, a dining table can be turned into a beautiful workspace, one that allows several family members to work from home at the same time.

When it comes to interior design trends in 2022, I’m sure you’ll agree that there will be a greater push for multifunctional spaces. Clean and innovative room-dividing tactics have always been at the forefront of architectural strides and design, so it comes as no surprise that this concept will prevail.

Interior design is not just about pretty furniture. Today, it’s about ideas that put our spaces to best use. We’re talking about multifunctional furniture that can serve multiple purposes.

In modern homes, the living area must be thought of as multi-functional. It has to serve a variety of functions – a work space, a place to entertain, a play room for children, and a workout space. Combining separate areas by using practical dividing materials as well as carefully arranging furniture is a way to accommodate various functional needs.

5. Sustainable Materials

modern living room

The idea of furniture built to last, of furniture that shows respect for current living styles and also takes into account future needs, is becoming increasingly popular. Advancements in technology, coupled with greater awareness of social and environmental involvement, have resulted in furniture being manufactured from sustainable materials. Crafted from natural materials and sustainable resources, eco-friendly furniture will be a staple in interior decorating for years to come. Showcasing sustainable design in interiors is a great way to highlight the ingenious ways in which modern living can be achieved in harmony with nature.

In today’s marketplace, people are more aware than ever about the impact of their purchase on the environment. To that end, a growing number of companies have started to offer “green” or eco-friendly furniture options. Unfortunately, many companies use misleading tactics to promote their products as environmentally friendly.

6. Minimalism

minimalism furniture

Home design done right is simpler. Minimalist architecture emphasizes space in which you live, not the stuff you can buy. This creates a focused environment that helps you prioritize what’s truly important. This way of life requires choosing carefully and discarding what isn’t useful.

Achieving a simplistic modern interior does not mean forgoing comfort or luxury. A clean, minimalist design with simple lines and straight cuts is just as warm and inviting as a more traditional style. By limiting the number of furniture materials and decorations to one or two, you can stay simple and focus attention on what the space is really about. Materials such as wood and steel are ideal.

7. Curved Edges

curved edges sofas

Curved, rounded shapes are making their way into modern-day design. Curves were used to portray an organic feel in furniture, but now it can be found anywhere from tables to light fixtures. They are popular because they make the room look more intimate and romantic.

Curved furniture has been a trend in the interior design world for a while now. The idea behind curved furniture is to make space feel less rigid and more relaxed. Curvy furniture design is a trend that has transformed the shape of home decor. This design calls for furniture and decor with softer, more rounded surfaces. Curvy designs instantly bring a soft and stylish appeal to the room. They add a touch of femininity and romance in your home setting.

8. Velvet Touch

velvet leisure chair

Textiles add comfort and an extra layer of warmth to a room, not to mention a dash of style. In bedrooms or living rooms, soft textiles such as velvet add a touch of luxury and elegance.

They create a luxurious appeal and can boost the look of an interior.  It is a luxurious, rich fabric that will have a great impact on a room. The best way to keep it from being overbearing is to keep the color of the velvet simple and to use other neutrals as accent pieces. It gives off a feeling of luxurious comfort that pairs great with crisp white walls and marble plinth tables.

Velvet is a luxurious fabric that can turn any space into an elegant and inviting room. Soft and cozy, velvet adds a touch of luxury and charm to both residential and commercial spaces.  It’s an instant classic that looks great in almost any color.

9. Dark Colors

modern interior design

Darker tones are the new trend, with classic wooden cabinets and modular furniture being a trend in the modern luxury space. Applying wood tones to cabinet furniture allows for a more modern approach, while adding glass and metal accents to the design. Dark wood is making a comeback in the furniture industry. In a modern world where "old is new," consumers are starting to prefer the looks of furniture from the past, mixing metal and glass with dark wood.

Moderately dark shades are the new choice for kitchen cabinets buyers. These shades portray sophisticated style and can easily appear more expensive than pale shades.

The simplicity of the dark wood is the new trend in dining furniture. This modern style comes with retro elements for an added element of style. Oak is enjoying a resurgence in popularity, thanks to its versatility and easy-to-match appeal. It’s ideal for creating a warm yet sleek look in the living room.

10. Home Office

home office

With a massive increase in the number of freelancers, start-ups and remote employees, it’s no surprise that home offices have become a necessity – not a luxury – for many.

Working from home has its perks. Putting in a few hours at the kitchen table in your pajamas is convenient, but day in and day out, a dedicated home office can be a major boost to your productivity and well-being.

No matter if you’re an entrepreneur or an employee, the home office is something that has become necessary for many of us. The definition of ‘home office’ is shifting. The dedicated place in the home for work is so much more than a mere room to check email. It’s become an extension of one’s professional and personal identity.


Clean and simple designs are sometimes referred to as “minimalist,” but maximalism design is not the opposite of minimalism. A maximalism design can be practical and functional, as long that it is uncluttered. The maximalism design is not necessarily more ornate than the minimalist style. It just seems that way because maximalism designers take careful notice of color, pattern, and texture. While minimalism reflects an approach to decor that draws attention to what is essential, maximalism emphasizes the presentation of colorful accents and patterns.

Interior Design Trends 2022 - Colour Trends


blue armchair

Despite the popularity of pink, green and mint green, blue is still the colour that many opt for this year. Lighter shades such as powder blue and light blues are popular colour choices for rugs and leisure chairs. Dark blues such as navy blue and ultramarine  can create a sleek and sophisticated feel throughout.  Different shades of blue can be used to create a look that is deep and refined and can enhance any space.


green leather sofa

The Green colour shades are naturally attractive. They impart an organic feel to the design, and help you feel more comfortable. The palette of warm greys and calming greens encourages a sense of harmony and a feeling of a warm welcome.  Greens accents complement other colours  such as white and beige while providing natural serenity and vibrancy.


modern bedroom from China

Grey is universally appealing and timeless. It’s an adaptable colour that goes with every style, but it looks especially elegant when paired with wooden tones or metallics.

Grey and neutral tones give a room a calm and restful feel. The grey colour scheme is perfect for those who don’t want to compromise on style, but also don’t want the interior design of their home to be too loud or bold.


brown wooden panels

The brown color is inspired by nature. It features every shade that represents every hue in nature. It shows class, elegance, and sophistication. The color is also comfortable and soothing to the eyes. Brown is part of the home decor palette that is designed to provide an enhanced sense of balance in modern rooms. With earthy, sweet, and traditional undertones, this color is ideal for any space in your home.


orange modern sofa

Orange is a hot tone in decor. While bright and vibrant, orange can add such a unique pop to your room. Given its vibrancy, earthiness, and overall cheerfulness, it wouldn’t be surprising that orange is the new cool tone for 2022.

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