Top Reasons to Buy Modern Furniture from China

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Buying furniture from China can provide a great value, with prices significantly lower than in the West. The price difference can be up to 10 times, even after all the handling, shipping and the customs costs. China has been the largest exporter within the world for a considerable amount of time. They’re primarily known for their machinery or technology and are commonly known as “the world’s factory”.

The majority of the furniture sold in your city is made in China. Many stores import and distribute furniture from China, including the big western online shops. Buying and importing directly from China saves you lots of money because you skip many companies taking their cut and costs involved in having stocks and employees. Over here you will find a huge range of furniture, lighting, kitchen cabinets, sanitary ware and building materials such as tiles etc.

Currently, China receives the third biggest revenue from the furniture market worldwide. Because of this, the country itself needs to be considered when outsourcing modern furniture. But, apart from their substantial revenue income, why else should you purchase modern furniture from China?

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Competitive pricing

Undeniably, China has the most competitive pricing in many sectors worldwide and the furniture industry. There are many reasons for this, including:

  • Manufacturers in this country are known for their innovative procedures that maximize production levels continuously, without having to over-employee individuals.  
  • Unlike other modern furniture distributors, China offers affordable living for the locals. Because of this, workers are paid a lot less than what you’d find in countries like the United States.
  • Many products are produced and manufactured in China, making raw material costs cheaper.

Combining all these above allows China’s furniture industry to offer high-quality, competitive pricing and fast turnarounds.

Trendy, fashionable designs

In China, there are huge exhibitions held in Guangzhou and various other cities. During these events, manufacturers and brands showcase new trends within the furniture world in various sub-sectors: residential and commercial.

Because of these events, the industry can keep up-to-date with new, innovative design trends which are gaining popularity globally. They’re also more technologically advanced than many countries, making them perfect options for futuristic and modern furniture designs.

Diversified choices

The above two reasons unquestionably spark some interest as to why you could buy furniture from China, but these aren’t all of them. Diversity is another essential factor to consider ordering from China. They specialize in modern furniture ranging from bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, and much more.

Because of their significant range of choices, it’s challenging not to locate your ideal design, combinations, and colorways, because they stock everything. Additionally, what they don’t traditionally manufacture, they create. That brings us perfectly to this next section:

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Complete Customization

In many overseas markets, customized furniture is a considerable amount of money. However, ordering custom sizes, shapes, colors, and more, doesn’t showcase within the price tags when ordering from China.

It’s solely because of their production infrastructure and company culture. All manufacturers want China to be the hot spot for distribution. Therefore, they offer premium services for a minimal price to guarantee a competitive edge over their global competition.

After reading the above, you should have a more comprehensive idea of why you should buy modern furniture from China. They’re leading manufacturers for a reason and will continue like this way into the future. Because they have solidified practices, clientele, and workforces, China will remain a popular option for furniture for a relatively long time.


Sourcing furniture from China can be a hassle if you don’t have experience with the process, but with our help, we will optimize your time, save you money by delivering high quality products in the shortest time possible.

If you’re interested in obtaining furniture from China, we recommend contacting us. On the other side will be waiting a helpful representative who’s eager to start showcasing what we can offer.

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