Why Wholesale Furniture from China Is Better Than The US, EU, and the UK

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Technical standards in the Chinese furniture industry has been greatly improved, and so has the equipment. The technology and equipment of Chinese furniture industry have been greatly improved and reached the international average level. Mainly using imported equipment from Germany, Italy, Japan, the United States and France.

The continuous improvement in research and development and design, coupled with the standardized manufacturing process, has played a crucial role in boosting the furniture industry's ability to upgrade. The mass customization of furniture production has had an overall positive effect on the furniture industry, which was spurred by the application of information technology.

Over the years, many have considered investing in wholesale furniture from China but haven’t taken the initial steps. However, throughout this post, we will discuss why it’s a better option than the US, EU, and the UK. Want to find this out? We suggest you read the following:

Total costs

The label “Made in China” undeniably indicates one crucial element to purchasing, pricing. Products produced in China are typically considered inexpensive compared to other manufacturing countries. But, why?

  • Labour – China is an economic powerhouse, with over 1.4 billion residences. Because of this, manufacturers can offer lower annual salaries, as there’s a vast number of individuals searching for jobs. Currently, the average wage for labor in China is $1.73, four times less than in the US. Additionally, comparing salaries between the UK and EU, encounter the same situation. Therefore, you can save roughly 4 to 5 times in China with labor alone than in the other mentioned places.
  • Materials – Including the above, wholesale furniture from China is inexpensive because of its material costs. Because they’re known to be the “World’s Factory,” they purchase, produce, and harvest significant quantities of goods. This lowers the price dramatically, making furniture more affordable for businesses worldwide.
  • Infrastructure – Lastly, the infrastructure they’ve built within the country throughout their entire economy for manufacturing is immense. The manufacturing, transportation, and supply chain processes have been optimized incredibly. Having this in place lowers costs, time, and more, which directly impacts the total costs associated with furniture from China.  

Combining all of the above allows wholesale furniture from China to be inexpensive and competitive globally. Because of this reason alone, is why many business owners consider them when purchasing furniture in bulk.

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Going back to the “Made in China” label, it’s common that many people cringe over it. Over the years, this label has been directly linked to poor quality. As a result, many people think this reflects the entire Chinese industry and then opt-in for furniture produced in the US, EU, and the UK.

However, there’s a ton of manufacturers that make high-quality products in China. It’s the “World’s Factory,” and they want to cater to everybody’s needs. Because of this, they commonly offer three different quality levels: high, medium, and low. Therefore, your budget will depend on the build output, but it can match the three countries’ product quality.

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Smart Furniture

Through sensors and technology, smart furniture can adjust to offer better convenience and comfort. Smart furniture includes tables that can adjust height automatically in accord with a user’s height and tables that can sense the weight of an infant in a high chair. China’s smart furniture industry is on the rise, with industrial parks for household appliances serving as its main development mode.


Lastly, China is the largest exporter of furniture worldwide. It wasn’t achievable through a small selection of products. Therefore, there’s a wide variety available, with the option to request modifications at a minimal price.

Combining all the above suggests that China is still considered a highly competitive country in wholesale compared to the US, EU, and the UK. The country has been a powerhouse for productions for decades and will continue doing this far into the future.

If you’re looking to wholesale furniture from China, we recommend contacting us. Since 2006, we’ve helped thousands of businesses retrieve comfortable, functional, and affordable furniture from China without any hassle.

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